Participation in the Congress is open to xenologists, astrobiologists, exopaleontologists, exozoologists, ecologists, interdisciplinary scientists, physicians, students from all planets and all other professionals interested in exoplanetary biology, etology, plantetary ecology, comparative biosciences and management of exoepidemics and xenomorphs. Accompanying persons are welcome and may participate as companion registrants.

Registration will be accepted at the lower rate until June 30, 2206. Registration after that date will be accepted at the higher rate. Fees include admission to the conference, accommodation, scientific sessions, documentation, and all social activities. Lunch is not included.

Please note that all persons intending to attend the Congress must register, including Plenary and Symposium Speakers, Chairpersons and Poster Presenters.

Registration fees

Until June 30 Later
Euros () Meticals (met) Euros () Meticals (met)
Registration 1180 34,250 1320 38,300
Students 920 26,700 1000 29,100
Accompanying persons 870 25,230 950 27,300

Payment may be made by direct transfer, personal cheque or credit card. Bankcard, Platinum and Rebco Visa are the only credit cards accepted at the Congress. Please note all transactions by credit card will appear on your statement as payment to Congress by THPL.


Your registration and payment will be acknowledged with confirmation of your requirements according to your registration form.

You will not receive any further publications before the Congress. Your letter of acknowledgment will include any further advice necessary prior to your arrival at the Congress.